Providing financial aid to individuals seeking to access mental health therapies.

Your donations will go towards providing options to individuals wanting help that otherwise may not be able to bare the burden – with the help of donors like you, we are able to provide affordability to life changing therapy within our community.




“ Our mission is to provide financial aid to individuals that are seeking to access mental health therapies. ”

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The Coddiewomple fund is a non-profit organization aimed to provide financial aid to individuals thar are seeking to access mental health therapies. For individuals regardless of their insurance status, the cost impact can be significant. The result is that this cost impact for many individuals and families prevent many from obtaining much needed treatment-a reality that The Coddiewomple Fund aims to help mitigate.


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Our Board of Directors bring a wealth of experiences and expertise to The Fund, united by their passion for our mission.


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We practice financial transparency and we ensure every dollar donated is spent in accordance to our mission. 


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If interested in applying for financial assistance to assist in your own journey of therapy affordable, click the link below.

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Meet Jacki

Jacki’s hope for a global movement to affordable and unrestricted access for mental health therapy was began after she witnessed first-hand the challenges and costs required to obtain such services. 



The mission of The Coddiewomple Fund focuses on continuing advocacy of a greater movement towards the wider acceptance and adoption for mental health therapy. Our work is to provide a lifeline to those seeking this impactful therapy, but may not otherwise be able to afford it.


While there have been major strides in recognition and advocacy across the globe, our daily focus is to provide solutions to make therapy affordable to all.


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