The Coddiewomple Fund

The Coddiewomple fund is a non-profit organization aimed to provide financial aid to individuals thar are seeking to access mental health therapies. For individuals regardless of their insurance status, the cost impact can be significant. The result is that this cost impact for many individuals and families prevent many from obtaining much needed treatment-a reality that The Coddiewomple Fund aims to help mitigate.


The average cost for a patient with major depression can spend over $10,000 a year on health costs. Even with insurance, the average family’s out-of-pocket cost is approximately $6,000 a year, which is a significant cost impact on families with limited income. Over the past several years, while there have been major strides towards the recognition and acceptance that mental health therapy is critically needed, there are still major progress that needs to be made to make it affordable to ALL.

Additionally, we at The Coddiewomple Fund are advocates for generating awareness and seeking implication of common-sense laws that protect professional those that require mental health therapies. We intend to support research in the impact of providing affordable and accessible treatment, as well as partner with companies & organizations to assist in providing access to therapeutic experiences for members throughout our local communities. 


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