Board Of Directors


The Founder

Meet Jacki

Jacki’s hope for a global movement to affordable and unrestricted access for mental health therapy was began after she witnessed first-hand the challenges and costs required to obtain such services.


The mission of The Coddiewomple Fund focuses on continuing advocacy of a greater movement towards the wider acceptance and adoption for mental health therapy. Our work is to provide a lifeline to those seeking this impactful therapy, but may not otherwise be able to afford it.


While there have been major strides in recognition and advocacy across the globe, our daily focus is to provide solutions to make therapy affordable to all.


Board Member

Carley is a native Michigander and has worked with The Coddiewomple Fund since its beginning.. her passion lies with the Fundraising and community engagement team.

Carley developed a strong sense of devotion to the nonprofit sector and the coddiewomple Fund as a lifelong proponent of affordable healthcare as well as the passion for mental health therapies. This passion has given her a deep apprectiation of how non-profits such as the coddiewomple Fund is seeking to improve the quality of life for our region, one session at a time.


Board Member

Elise brings her experience from the private sector to the coddiewomple fund. paired with her passion for helping others and her experience in the non-profit sector, she uses her dedication to this cause to serve the board and hopes to broaden access to high quality mental healthcare for all.

elise started her career building relations and honing her communication skills in the supplier relations field. She then moved to the non-profit sector and combined her knowledge of relationship management with her passion for non-profit service.

as a board member of the coddiewomple fund, she is excited to make a difference and help bridge the gap for those struggling to afford mental health therapies.